King Leonidas: The King Of Sparta

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King Leonidas Leonidas was the king of Sparta at one time. He is most famous for leading the three hundred Spartans against the Persian army. He lived in the Peloponnesus and the city state of Sparta. Leonidas had a major impact in his time; he led troops to eliminate Persians to defend Sparta. Doing this Sparta and Athens won the war against the Persians, but ended up losing to Rome. Leonidas impacted our generation today by giving us entertainment, courage, and a basis for a need for a strong military. He lived from about 540 B.C. to August 11, 480 B.C. in the battle of Thermopylae. Leonidas was the king of Sparta at one time, until Persians decided to invade them. His father was (Agiad) King Anaxandridas of Sparta. His father…show more content…
Spartan military king who bravely led a small force of Greeks (the famous 300) against the much larger Persian army of Xerxes, at the pass of Thermopylae. During this battle, 480 B.C., the 300 small Greek army lead by Leonidas himself fought hard and delayed the Persians from pushing forward for a while. The small Greek army would decrease the size of the Persian army and hold them off until Persians found a route to outflank the Greek army. King Leonidas realizing this, commanded his army to retreat and him and a handful of loyal soldiers that wanted to stay with him willingly fought the Persian army. The number of Greeks left was around 300 all of which fell including Leonidas. But because of these brave soldiers they lowered the numbers of the Persian army even more and delayed the Persians from pushing forward for a few…show more content…
to about 480 B.C. and was king during his life. His hometown was Sparta. Sparta was very different from times now. Boys were put to training at age five. Greeks believed strong military was everything, this was the reason boys were trained so young. Sparta, the city state, had the greatest military power of Greece and played catalytic role in history of Peloponnese. The majority of the inhabitants of Sparta were slaves. Sparta time began in 650 B.C. to about 362 B.C. and was located in the southern part of the Peloponnese. The area around the town of Sparta, the plateau east of the Taygetos mountains, was generally referred as Lakonia which term was sometimes used for all the regions under direct Spartan control, including Messenia. The social life of Sparta was also very different than today’s society. In ancient Greece males and females had largely separated lives. While men would do farm work and other duties women would be around the house doing chores such as cooking and

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