King Archon: The Trial Of Socrates

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As Socrates sat on the wooden benches of Athens, with children surrounding him, he mentored children away from the cultural ideals of blaming the God’s for natural disasters, and instead having faith in the sciences of the earth. Socrates was put on trial under the charges of corrupting the children’s minds and also for ignoring the gods of Athens religion. The summons required Socrates to appear before the legal magistrate, or King Archon, in a colonnaded building in central Athens called the Royal Stoa to answer charges of impiety and corrupting the youth. The trial of Socrates took place over a nine-to-ten hour period in the People's Court, located in the agora of Athens. The jury consisted of 500 male citizens over the age of thirty. The jurors sat on wooden benches separated from the large crowd of spectators--including a twenty-seven-year-old pupil of Socrates named Plato. Socrates grew up in Athens and…show more content…
Socrates was put on trial for neglecting the gods and corrupting the minds of children. He was found guilty and the penalty was death, he had to drink poison. Before he was sentenced to death he taught kids that later became great Philosopher such as Plato. His teachings helped Athens even after he was gone. Plato may have lived back in the 5th century his writing is still read today. His writing about his life and Socrates. These reasons are the reasons that got me to believe that he should not have been sentenced to death, or even put on trial. The ways he showed respect for Athens, served in wars and how his teachings helped Athens even after he

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