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1. Skim the essay and list 10 words the author uses that you cannot define without looking them up. Socrates, Peculiar, Countenance, Admonition, Circumscribed, Benevolent, Perusal, Subjugation, Cyrillic, Opprobrium 2. Look them up and list the definitions next to the words. Socrates- Greek philosopher whose indefatigable search for ethical knowledge challenged conventional mores and led to his trial and execution on charges of impiety and corrupting the youth. Although Socrates wrote nothing, his method of question and answer is captured in the dialogues of Plato, his greatest pupil. Peculiar-Strange or odd; unusual Countenance-Admit as acceptable or possible Hysterectomy-A surgical operation to remove all or part of the uterus Circumscribed-Restrict…show more content…
They cannot read the waivers that they sign preceding surgical procedures. Several women I known in Boston have entered a slum hospital with the intention of obtaining a tubal ligation and have emerged a few days later after having been subjected to a hysterectomy.” 5. What IS the “human cost” of a society in which so many people cannot operate at the level of functional literacy? The cost is not being able to enjoy the most simplest of things and risking important things. For example, the luxury of reading captions on a television show or reading the newspaper to consuming something bad that maybe bad for your health or losing a job because you weren’t able to understand what exactly you needed to do; and everything else in between. 6. Beyond human costs, suggest at least one implication that this widespread illiteracy might have for the future of our country. Technology is becoming more and more important in today’s society and to use it you need to know how to read. It is said that eventually jobs will require some sort of higher education. I think that if the percentage of illiterates keeps increasing the percentage of homeless people and inmates in our country will also increase in the

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