Kilbourne and Devor

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Jainil Patel Professor Schroepfer EAD - II 3 November 2011 Essay 3 – Rough Draft 1 Kilbourne and Devor Social forces shape one’s gender identity which creates problems for that individual in the future. Men are supposed to act in a so called “masculine” way and women, in a “feminine” way. Sex is based on physical differences whereas gender is based on social differences between males and females. In the majority of the world, most aspects of male gender are more highly valued than those of females. In Becoming members of society, Aaron Devor points out that the way we act or present ourselves in society had a great deal to do with our sense of a gendered self. He points out that our conception of what it means to be female or male are socially constructed. Furthermore, gender is “defined” differently in different cultures. He says that we start to acquire gender roles so early that we do not realize the difference in genders. In Two ways a Woman Can Get Hurt, Jean Kilbourne points out that ads affects us in potentially damaging ways than helping us informing us about the product. She says that advertisements are used to depict power than passion. It uses gender identities/roles to show the power the men have over women. In the attached ad, the woman is underneath the man, which suggests that man have more power and therefore, woman are mere objects that man “use” in a daily life. The ad is supposed to promote the jeans by Calvin Klein. But, there is more emphasis on seduction, and woman. The woman in the ad is under the control of man and thus power. People like us consider this normal for an ad, but they do not realize the violence and the visual assault on woman. Power and hierarchy are two major forces that shape the social identity of an individual. It takes a whole life to learn about gender identity and its roles in the society.
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