Gender and Sex Worksheet

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------------------------------------------------- Associate Program Material Gender and Sex Worksheet Answer the following questions in 50 to 150 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use. What is gender? What is sex in biological terms? Are gender and sex the same thing? Explain why or why not? “Gender is defined by FAO as ‘the relations between men and women, both perceptual and material. Gender is not determined biologically, as a result of sexual characteristics of either women or men, but is constructed socially. It is a central organizing principle of societies, and often governs the processes of production and reproduction, consumption and distribution,” (FAO, 1997). Gender and sex are put into categories and they are not the same thing. Sex in biological and physiological terms refers to male and female and defines them in such ways as breasts, testicles, women’s menstruation cycle, and hormones. Gender also refers to socially constructed roles, activities and behaviors. How do gender and sex contribute to the concepts and constructions of masculinity and femininity? Sex and gender have everything to do with masculinity and femininity. Men are considered to be masculine by being strong and tough and women are considered to be feminine by having supposed less strength and ladylike behaviors. As I have stated above, each is categorized and history has presented itself as these being the reasons why. * * Do our concepts of gender and sex contribute to the ways we embrace gender and sex in diversity? Yes, I think our concepts of gender and sex contribute quite a lot to the ways we embrace gender and sex in diversity. I think it has a lot to do with why we think certain jobs are for men and certain jobs are for women. For example, a woman’s job is taking care of the children while a man’s job is to work outside the

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