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Identifying My Personal Strengths: What’s My Jungian 16 Type Personality? After completing the Jungian 16 Personality test, I learned that my personality type is ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging). ISTJ’s are also known as “The Duty Fulfiller”. ISTJ’s make up about thirteen percent of the population and have many positive and negative characteristics. Of the many characteristics of an ISTJ, there were four main characteristics that I believe I strongly resemble that I think are positive characteristics. One characteristic of an ISTJ that I resemble is that I am methodical and very organized. Everything I do both at work and home has to be organized and I like using a methodical system to tasks that I tackle. With small task at home such as managing bills with a spreadsheet to having everything labeled at work, I am very organized. This characteristic will help me as a student as well because it takes great organization skills to be a good student in my perspective. Another characteristic of an ISTJ that I portray is that I am dedicated and dependable. In my workplace, I have always been very dependable and dedicated to my workload, my co-workers and my supervisor. In my personal life, I have always been very dedicated to my family and friends. I feel a great sense of pride in showing my dedication and dependability both in the workplace and home. I believe this characteristic will help me to excel as a student since it takes great dedication to be a good student because you have to be both dependable and dedicated to attend classes and complete assignments. A third characteristic of an ISTJ that I portray is being strong-willed and dutiful. I always feel that it is my duty to be a great mother, great wife, great friend, great employee and now a great student. I also take great pride in feeling that I serve my duty in all of the above

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