The Heart Of A Car

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The poem is focused on a man helping a woman jump a car. Nevertheless, the seemingly random act of kindness from this man is not about cars. The poem is a metaphor for an intimate encounter the author had with a man. Each part of the car is a symbol equivalent to a body part. “When (their) cars touched,” (Line 1) the author refers to a kiss when their lips first made contact. The man and the author are involved in a physical relationship; the author uses the cars as symbols for their bodies. The man “lifted the hood of mine” (Line 2), which is a metaphor for the man removing her clothes. The removal of her clothes then reveals “the intimate workings underneath.” (Line 3) This imagery of the intimate workings suggests that the woman is allowing these parts of her body to be seen for the first time. This is a very special and important time for a man, and especially a woman. The two “were bound together By a pulse of pure energy” (Line 4,5), and their lust for each other is evident. The man and author are not able to keep away from each other. In this magical moment, each was taken into oblivion, a point of no return. The author feels an energy that can only be felt the first time one has sex. The author and the man are overtaken by an energy that she had seemingly never felt before. It is at this moment that she feels the time is right, and…show more content…
There is a large space in between the final word of each of the lines. As the meaning behind the poem is revealed, the importance of the structure is revealed as well. The final line of the poem reads, “I thought why not ride the rest of the way together?” (Line 8) This is extremely important because there is no space in this line. The author has no reservations and is ready for the moment when it happens; the lack of space represents the moment when the man and the author become one; it is at this moment that the author loses her virginity, and has become a
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