1984 Winston And Julia's Relationship

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Jordan Bayless Period: 1 1984 As long as there have been men and women there has also been the great confusion of love. Whether its love, lust, or something else, the passion of heart has been a motivating factor for near all great decisions. Wars could be fought or ended for loves survival; in 1984 Winston and Julia fall head over heels in a tangled forbidden love making it taste all the sweeter. The love is a spark for many fires in the novel ranging from rebellion to torture. 1984 requires a changing relationship to be the energy that pushes the work down its forsaken path. The initial moment when the reader is allowed insight to Winston’s feelings of Julia is far from love at first sight. At first “he had disliked…show more content…
Winston and Julia began to see one another very frequently in a romantic getaway residing in the prole district. Finally they had recognized the amorousness that was electric between them. They had gotten so comfortable and in love that Julia wanted to make herself the best she could for her lover, she had painted her face with forbidden cosmetics and had applied an arousing scent to herself simply for the purpose of their pleasure. Not only were they comfortable they were stupidly in love, so stupid, in fact, that they failed to realize Charrington, the love shack’s owner was a member of the thought police. They had been caught red handed in their hideout. They were stolen away to the ministry of love where they realized their wrong. It was unfortunate but it didn’t matter “The one thing that matter[ed] [was] that [they] shouldn’t betray one another, although even that can’t make the slightest difference." but "Confession is not betrayal. What [they] [said] or [did] [didn’t] matter, only feelings matter. If they could make [Winston] stop loving [Julia] that would be the real betrayal." Sure enough Winston was tortured with his greatest fear, rats were to eat his face, and it was in that moment he decided he didn’t care what happened to Julia as long as he didn’t have to endure his own punishment. After his epiphany Winston was released back into the world. When he saw Julia again she had described that "they
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