Cyrano de Bergerac (Unhealthy Love

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One of the main themes in Cyrano De Bergerac, is love. This play really shows different types of blissful love, but even more types of unhealthy love. Some types are love thats not returned/ manipulative love, fake love, and love triangles. Due to the struggle of these types of love, competition rises and relationships develop. Mostly these types of negative love are between, Cyrano, Roxane, De Guiche/Valvert, and Christian. Love triangles are when three people are involved in a romantic situation. The biggest love triangle seen through the whole movie is between Christian, Cyrano, and Roxane. We find out early Cyrano loves Roxane, but he easily backs out of telling her since he is afraid. He thinks of himself as ugly, and assumes she won’t be able to look past that. Christian comes into play the first moment he lays eyes on Roxane. We know that both loves can be genuine. We see that Cyrano’s love is genuine multiply times. One example is how he helps Christian. He wants to make sure Roxane’s happiness is put ahead of his own, even though Cyrano knows that he won't be able to have that ultimate happiness he wants with roxane. That is a sign of genuine love. Christian on the other hand is willing to do anything to get close to roxane. we see him trying with a great effort the first time he talks to Roxane without cyrano. The poor man is bad with words, but he does love her dearly. The other love triangle we see is Roxane with De Guiche/valvert. Although its not the same type of love triangle since this love is not returned from roxane to anyone, it is still an example. De guiche loves roxane, but since he is married, is having Valvert marry her instead, so he can then turn around and keep her close. This is not a dominant triangle since valvet is killed in the first act. We know that De guiche had some types of feelings for Roxane, as we see in act III, scene 2.
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