Love In The Play 'Cosi'

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“Love is not so important these days”… “What planet are you from?” love means something different to each character in the play. Discuss In Nowra’s play “Cosi” meaning of love is explored and challenged by the views of different characters. Each character has a clear definition of their personal and distinct understanding of what love and fidelity means. This assists in the notion of love beholding abundance of paradoxical nature. The characters also endorse the importance of love that is practical and realistic, this aspect of the play is illustrated mostly by the mental patients who have issues with distinguishing reality from their illusions. The play also dwells on the concept of “free love” contrasting to the more traditional views…show more content…
Henry and Roy who both tells a story of their idealistic past, can be grouped together as the ones, who believes in the existence of idealistic love which tends to be fanciful like their own childhood memories. Roy claims that his love is equivalent to “Mozart’s love” which characterises the romance with happy endings. Henry’s depiction of his mother’s devotion has the sense of artificiality, and it’s almost like as if he forces the story upon himself to avoid other alternatives. However unlike Roy Henry understands the contradicting reality in regards to commitment and fidelity “everyone blames women but I forgive them, if they change their love a thousand times a day.. but I think it’s the necessity of women’s heart” Henry is aware and accepts the flaw in the concept of absolute faithfulness. Ruth, who suffers from her inability to distinguish reality from illusion, was a victim of a horrible relationship. She admits “ I had a boyfriend who tied me up and put me in a wardrobe so I wouldn’t run away” in the name of love. She tells the she “cried for days” after he left her. This twisted irony directly reflects her incapability to differentiate what is love and what she is told or deludes to be love. The play “Cosi” demonstrates that relationships that are based on love that is not genuine will easily perish, through exemplifying the failed relationships of the

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