Philosophy of Love and Sex

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Philosophy of Love and Sex – Final Assignment – Question # 2 500287179 April 16, 2014 Philosophy Paper – Woman in Love De Beauvoir highlights a significant difference between man and a woman, regarding love and relationships. Beauvoir outlines the idea of love being two factors, authentic and unauthentic love, between the two genders. According to Beauvoir women treasure and experience love as total devotion, claiming herself as a gift to the man she loves. Men rather view love as being in control, beings that are capable of handling their lives and gaining supremacy without assistance (2010). Women therefore are seen as depending on men and must gain power, independence, transcending with the aid of man (2010). From this observation, De Beauvoir continues to express that a woman’s love is only in reference to the experience of a man. Through this observation De Beauvoir makes it aware that women love men as their entire existence, while for a man, love plays a minor role. Beauvoir suggests the path to “transcendence” in a relationship, is where love becomes inauthentic, rather love needs to be authentic in other ways (2010). Beauvoir’s analysis of love is ultimately the comparison of the two genders. Within the differences of the genders authentic and in inauthentic love. De Beauvoir labels her theories on two forms of love. Inauthentic love, she believes that love is used as a liberator, where the woman takes pride in her matters over the one she loves (2010). Her love is inauthentic in the way she loves, due to viewing her lover, being godlike, this is inauthentic in the sense that no man is godlike. A woman priding herself over this method of love is eventually disappointed due to her male partner not submitting to her needs. For example the woman’s desire for the man to only care for her, while she expects him to be independent at the same time
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