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Острошапкина О. Long walk to forever by Kurt Vonnegut. One can get the gist of this story in just a few words: a man and a woman who have been known each other (have known each other?) from the childhood reveal their feelings too late, only when the girl is going to get married to another guy. The theme is, of course, love, not the ordinary one, but the blind, if we can say so. Also, such kind of love may be called forbidden, because the girl must not forget in a moment (?) about her future husband and leave him for the sake of her friend from the past. But this is true love! And it, as well as beauty, requires victims (And, as well as beauty, it requires victims.) In this case, the victim is Catharine’s fiancé, who will be…show more content…
This very walk is in its turn subdivided into three parts: at first they just share their emotions of seeing each other after the whole year (allusion to Scarlett O’Hara is observed here – the protagonist of Margarett Mitchell’s masterpiece “Gone with the wind” who never understood which man she really loved). This part ends with Newt’s favourite (also symbolic) phrase: “One foot in front of the other – through leaves, over bridges – “. This is a kind of a frame, foreshadowing their future family…show more content…
That’s why the style in general is colloquial. The replicas (remarks?) of Newt and Catharine are short, but full of emotions and deep sense. What is interesting: Catharine worries much about “what happens next”, and it is absolutely understandable, because she’s getting married next week! Newt, on the contrary, keeps telling her “I never know what’s going to happen next”. He’s living in the present, enjoying his current state of mind and soul, but she’s living in the future, because women, as a rule, need stability in a more degree (to a greater degree), than men. But as the famous proverb says: opposites usually attract each other. This story is not an exception. Newt comes with only one mission – to reveal his feelings to his beloved, but he appears not in time (appears too late?) and ruins all her plans. However, it’s better late, than never. As he says “I’m not on furlough”, we understand what a brave and selfless man he is, how deeply he is in love with Catharine – she is the first person he pays a visit

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