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LOVE Nanny * She had all the love to support Janie, she didn’t like to see Janie sad and unhappy. * She wants to protect Janie from dating the wrong guys since she’s in her womanhood. * She wants a man that would treat Janie with respect and tell her about her love life. * She did her best on finding a man for Janie because she loves Janie and wants a man to treat her well. Logan * Janie didn’t really love Logan he treated her as if she was nothing by bossing her around all the time after he got sick of doing all the work. * Janie wasn’t at all attracted to Logan he was old and ugly, and she didn’t know how to love him. * Janie had no control over her relationship with Logan she was forced into marrying him.…show more content…
Joe * Joe shows Janie that he loves her in many different ways. * Joe takes Janie from Logan and she runs away and lives with Joe. * Joe loves Janie but uses her in a way for status/reputation for himself because of how beautiful she was to the men. * Joe was very impulsive toward Janie and wanted to control everything she did he was selfish and wanted Janie all to himself and he only let Janie have limited freedom. * Janie has love for Joe but not so much after the year’s progress because of domestic abuse Joe does toward Janie to better himself and his status/reputation. Tea Cake * Tea Cake loves Janie for who she is and not her money. * Tea Cake protects Janie from everything and wants her to be happy with him. * “ She wished she had slipped off that cow-tail and drowned then and there and been done. But to kill her Tea Cake was too much to bear… Tea Cake… had to die for loving her.”(Hurston

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