Love vs. Infatuation

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Love vs. Infatuation Infatuation is often mistaken as Love. In every human, there is a deep burning desire to love and be loved. Love in itself is often confused with similar emotions caused by infatuation. Teenagers thought that whenever they had a relationship it’s already love, but they don’t know that it’s just an Infatuation. Infatuation is a feeling of being completely carried away by unreasoning desire, while Love is a commitment to another person to work to conflicts without giving up. But how can we know if what we feel is Infatuation or Love? Based on the book I’ve read, entitled Lovestruck written by Mr. Arnold Molmisa there are Seven Signs of Infatuation. First, The Axe-Effect, many teenagers like a person because of his chosen characteristics, but because No Body’s Perfect, they will found out the unnecessary characteristics of that person, that will be the reason for them to be upset and dislike that person. Second, The Blink of an Eye Complex, Infatuation starts and ends fast. Why? Because the feelings of an infatuated change base on his emotions. At first, the spark of their love was strong, but as time goes by, they get to know each other well until they will noticed that his not the guy that I loved before. Third, The Crazy-for-you Syndrome, infatuation can make a person disorganized, distracted, and ineffective. Anywhere you look, all you see is his face. Fourth, the Just-the-two-of-us Felling, Infatuated people often isolate themselves from others. They tend to lose interest in things that they used to motivate them. Fifth, The-Need-You Here Sickness, if it’s an infatuation, it will

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