Illusion vs. Reality

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Reality or Illusion: The Relationships in The Song is You People interact with each other and form relationships, which are a part of life. The most essential reason to pursue a relationship is for a romantic bond, but many other reasons exist within those relationships such as: religion, money, sex, love, success, companionship, hope for the future, inspiration, and power. Some people pursue relationships for the wrong reasons, therefore, the person being pursued sees an illusion of who the other person is. In his 2009 novel, The Song is You, Arthur Phillips proves that people pursue relationships for selfish reasons and those reasons causes them to present themselves in a way to seize what they want from the other person. An example of someone pursuing a relationship for companionship is Rachel. She is the main characters wife who becomes promiscuous after their son, Carlton, dies. To describe this season in her life, she leaves a poem on Julian’s, the main character’s, pillow which has a line that reads, “a season of folly was all that I needed. Where is the love that once I called mine” (Phillips 140). Rachel is unable to deal with her life after Carlton dies, and she abuses sleeping pills to cope with her pain (Phillips 191). She also sleeps with many different men because it is the only way that she is able to feel better (Phillips 99). The narrator says of happiness: “Julian was the only one left who might remind her what it looked like” (Phillips 80). Rachel is miserable and turns to any pleasure source she can find, which is one reason she wants Julian back. He does not know she abuses sleeping pills and is so miserable because she presents the illusion that she is doing okay. She realizes it will be difficult being with Julian because he reminds her of their dead son, but she understands that life with Julian is the only way she will survive
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