Theme Much Ado About Nothing

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Theme - Much ado about nothing In Much Ado About Nothing I think the main themes are love and deception. My reasons for choosing love, as a theme is that there are two relationships formed in Much Ado About Nothing, which are Claudio and Hero, and the other Beatrice and Benedick. I think that the two relationships are closely related with each other. Claudio and Hero’s love is real, and they are in love. The other couple Beatrice and Benedick who tell themselves they deeply dislike one another and would never be together. I think this is crazy because you can tell they they are going to get together. Don Pedro decides to trick them to fall in love. It isn’t until then they realise they do love each other and unexpectedly get together. Both relationships really love one another and this shows they connect with one another. Another theme I chose was deception. The first of the two main deceptions is Don John and Borachio are planning to deceive Hero. They decide that they will stop their marriage by framing Hero as being unfaithful to Claudio on the eve of their wedding. Borachio makes most of the plans to of deception and to stop the marriage. He says, go you to the Prince your brother, spare not to tell him, that he hath wronged his honour in marrying the renowned Claudio, whose estimation do you mightily hold up, to a contaminated stale, such as one Hero. They then go onto plan to bring Claudio to see Hero with Borachio, but they will have disguised Margaret as Hero. This is one main part of deception. The second of the two main plans of deception is Claudio, Leonato and Don Pedro are talking, in hearing distance of Benedick, of Beatrice. They all know that Benedick is there and have decided to deceive him into thinking that Beatrice is in love with him. They do this as they know that both Benedick and Beatrice have feelings for each other. To
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