Hate And Death Cause Conflicts Between Romeo And Juliet

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The story follows the ill fated love story of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, the teenage children of feuding families. It is set in a time when nobility, wealth and family honour and name provided a life of privilege. Marriages were arranged between families and it was considered important to marry within your own nobility and class to maintain family honour and social status. Themes of love such as Parental Love, Romantic Love, Love of Family Honour and Friendship are explored through the dramatic languages and provide an emotional context when the theme of hate and death cause conflict and dilemma for the characters. Love is an overpowering force that takes over all other values, loyalties and emotions. Love that is powerful and drawing between Romeo and Juliet is as potent and destructive in its effect on relationships between families and friends. Romeo falls madly in love with Juliet at a party hosted by the Capulets. Juliet initially tries to resist his charm when she becomes aware that their families are fierce rivals creating a dilemma, however she is unable to do so. The situation is complicated by Juliet being betrothed to Paris by her father, Lord Capulet, against her wishes. This causes conflict between Juliet and her father when Juliet refuses to marry Paris. Street fighting between the males of the opposing…show more content…
Romantic Love is experienced by Romeo and Juliet who are both teenagers and have never experienced love before. It is an instant love and attraction. Tension of the Task is created at this first meeting because the mutual attraction is made greater when it is revealed that each is from opposing families and each considering what it means to them and gives insight into their characters. For example, Romeo wants what he cannott have, as with his infatutation with Rosaline, who never returned his attention, and this made him more determined to have her. This provides dramatic
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