Life: the Trouble of the Star-Crossed Lovers

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Life: The Trouble of the Star-Crossed Lovers Romeo and Juliet is the timeless tale of two teenagers from rival families in the 1500s who fall in love with each other despite their families’ feuds. Dilemmas in the movie involve Romeo and Juliet and their families and their attempt to find peace and love in a time riddled with hatred. As Romeo and Juliet discover and pursue their love for each other they struggle to grasp what their forbade love with cost them: their lives. In pursuing their love for one another, Romeo and Juliet soon realize the sacrifices that must be made to continue their secret affair. In the movie, you will see a scene with Romeo and Juliet enjoying their love together, but then immediately flash to fights between the two families. The anger between the two families is what forces the two lovers to keep their relationship a secret and later leads to the ultimate act of love – death for one another. Romeo and Juliet’s determination to continue their love for each other is inspiring and tells of great honor from the both of them. While pursuing their love, Romeo and Juliet stumble upon many hardships that attempt to deteriorate their love. First, the fact that Juliet is a Capulet and Romeo is a Montague instantly forbids their love and creates the first of many obstacles for the teenage lovers. Next we see that Romeo and Juliet are not able to properly communicate as a couple normally would because they are unable to see each other often. Their relationship is forced to be hidden and they must arrange all meetings through Juliet’s nurse, which proves to be a successful but daunting task. Another hardship their relationship endures is when Romeo is charged with killing Tybalt. Although the killing was ultimately ruled justified by the Prince because he knew Romeo had good intentions, Romeo was still forced to leave Verona and was sent to
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