Paris, Romeo & Juliet - Character Profile

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Romeo & Juliet Character Profile Name: Count Paris Background Information: Related to the Prince, interested in Juliet, and supports the Capulets. Key Scenes: Act I Scene II, Act III Scene IV, Act IV Scene I, Act V Scene III. Key Quotes: “God shield I should disturb devotion” “O love! O life! Not life, but love in death!” “Happily met, my lady and my wife” Character Analysis: Paris is a handsome man that is a kinsman to the Prince. He is interested in Juliet and wants to marry her. He is determined to woo her with his words but its very hard for him because Juliet is in love with Romeo. He is very persuasive and treats the Capulets with respect. He is a wealthy young man yet so self-absorbed and demanding. The Capulets chose him and think very much of him to be the perfect man for their daughter, Juliet. He is more possessive than he is romantic and an example of this would be when he called Juliet his wife before they even got married. Paris is conflicted with a few situations, first he wasn’t given permission straight away to marry Juliet, then she refuses to marry him since she is already “secretly” married to Romeo. When Tybalt is killed, Lady Capulet, Lord Capulet, and Paris think she is unhappy because of her cousin’s death, which makes Paris respond to this conflict by scheduling the wedding earlier to make Juliet happy again, and that’s one of the biggest conflicts since she told Friar Lawrence she would rather do the most dangerous things than marry Paris. Paris is a very kind-hearted man who treats Juliet like she’s very delicate, he still loved her even though she denied it when he called her his wife. Although he is arrogant, he loves Juliet and he treats the Capulets with admiration and formality, he highly respects Friar Lawrence and gets annoyed with Romeo at the end because
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