William Shakespeare’s “Romeo And Juliet” Exposes t

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William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” explores true love in amongst feuding families whilst exploiting the notion that deception leads to catastrophic misfortune. The young poetically portrayed Romeo’s inability to control unchecked emotions, directs him to being disloyal amongst family and his “star crossed [lover]” Juliet. Furthermore, Juliet’s love for “(her) Romeo” causes her to turn a blind eye to his disloyalty and hastily act on his “banished”, through these actions she uses trickery to deceive her family and because of her love affected decisions. Friar Lawrence along with the nurse, cause confusion for the hasty lovers which renders to heightening the family’s feud. Shakespeare presents the concept that deceptive decisions lead to tragic events. Romeo’s rapidly changing character makes irrational and unwise decisions which link up to a strong and prominent theme in the play; deception. Through Romeo’s character Shakespeare juxtaposes true love against infatuation, he does this by showing his melancholy state over his loss of his infatuation Rosaline, then shows how he has found “true love” with his “bright angel” Juliet through his poetic dialogue, although they are from feuding family’s they decide “what’s in a name”, and she implores him to “doth thy name” and “swear by the god of [her] idolatry”. Shakespeare shows the changing of Romeo’s moral compass throughout the play, he goes from an elated state of mind as life was perfect with “thee”, and then, as the “plague on both (their) houses” is begun by the death of Mercutio, Romeo’s unchecked emotions cause him to commit the disloyal act of murdering his wife’s cousin, Tybalt. Despite of his blundering, Juliet see’s this only as dreadful because of his “banished”. Romeo would rather them to be “merciful, say death” a he would rather be dead then away from Juliet. These acts’s render the concept of how
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