Journey to Be Onself

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The “journey to be oneself” seems to be the riskiest because it forces people to face their virtues as well as their vices. College is the first time many students embark out into the world on their very own, and are given a great amount of freedom and responsibility. How each student is able to handle these responsibilities shows their strength of character. They have to begin a long honest examination of their conscious and abilities. It also makes them take a look at the path that they are on, and decide if it is truly in the service of others or themselves. Risk’s like these will lead to truly understanding your purpose in life. Finding the right path to follow can be a very hard thing, especially when entering college. As a student I will have to face many academic and social challenges. It’s in these moments, the choices I make, that my journey continues to understand and find myself. I will have to begin to put my talents to use by serving others. I will learn more about myself in my years away at college than I have staying at home. It’s the first time I will be given the chance to grow into the person I want to become and have no previous conceptions attached. I will undoubtedly have to overcome many things when ascertaining the person I’ll be. These things will give me the experience and strength I need to continue on to my future with. College will prepare me for life’s hard knocks through the good and bad experiences I face

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