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Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant Essay

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Business Brief

Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant is a 58-seat restaurant offering a menu consisting of 23 main entrees assembled from eight basic stocks (Krajewski, Ritzman, & Malhotra, 2013).   The restaurant is located within a mature business district on the edge of a large metropolitan area in New England (Krajewski et al, 2013).   Customer volume is higher on weekends; however, wait staff is reporting a decline in tips (Krajewski et al, 2013).   Management conducted a customer survey over the weekend and 55% of customer dissatisfaction links value and psychological impressions to quality (Krajewski et al, 2013).   This brief will discuss the restaurant’s competitive priorities, define quality for the restaurant, analyze the costs of the restaurant’s process failures, and provide recommendations for improving processes and customer satisfaction.


The weekday meal service process has established consistent quality, on-time delivery, and variety/flexibility as competitive capabilities (Krajewski et al, 2013).   The weekday meal service needs 12 minutes to complete a meal after being ordered (Krajewski et al, 2013).   The weekend meal service, during peak times, needs more than 20 minutes to deliver good meals to the customers (Krajewski et al, 2013).   The weekend meal service process performs at higher volumes and is unable to meet the consistent quality, and on-time delivery capabilities from the weekday service process.   The customer’s rated timely seating and dining experience being worth the costs as top problem areas (Krajewski et al, 2013).   Quality in the restaurant should be defined by customer satisfaction and process performance without defects (Krajewski et al, 2013).   The word quality represents the properties of products or services that are valued by the customer (Krajewski et al, 2013).   The cost of process failures is the cost of not creating a quality product or service (Krajewski et al, 2013).   The process failures for the...

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