John Osborne‟S Look Back In Anger Essay

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Goethals 1 Ghent University Faculty of Arts and Philosophy COMPARATIVE STUDY OF JOHN OSBORNE‟S LOOK BACK IN ANGER AND MARK RAVENHILL‟S SHOPPING AND FUCKING Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jozef De Vos Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of “Master in de Taal- en Letterkunde: Engels” by Thijs Goethals Goethals 2 Goethals 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First of all I would like to dedicate my short expression of thanks to Prof. Dr. Jozef De Vos who suggested this subject matter to me. His expertise was a great inspiration that led me on an interesting journey into British Drama. Moreover, I would like to thank librarian Rik Vanmoerkerke for his wittiness and his provision of books, journals and literary texts. I am also extremely grateful to Vicky Vandriessche for reading through large parts of my Master dissertation. Her literary craftsmanship and careful revision proved to be a phenomenal aid. In addition my thanks go to Karolien Van De Maele, my parents and all of my friends for their unconditional care and support. Finally, I should not forget to mention American rock band Iggy & the Stooges for making the greatest influential rock music since 1969 and helping me through solitary days. Goethals 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction 2 John Osborne‟s Look Back in Anger 2.1 John Osborne 2.2 Angry Young Men 2.3 Look Back in Anger 2.3.1 Title 2.3.2 Plot and characters 2.3.3 Autobiographical realism 2.3.4 Themes 2.3.5 Structure 3 Mark Ravenhill‟s Shopping and Fucking 3.1 Mark Ravenhill 3.2 In-Yer-Face Theatre 3.3 Shopping and Fucking 3.3.1 Title 3.3.2 Plot and characters 1 2 2 8 13 14 14 15 17 18 20 20 23 28 28 29 Goethals 5 3.3.3 Autobiographical realism 3.3.4 Themes 3.3.5 Structure 4 Comparison 4.1 The history of provocative outrage 4.1.1 Ancient Greek tragedy 4.1.2 Jacobean tragedy 4.1.3 The march of censorship 4.1.4

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