Easy Company: My Heroes In World War II

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Easy Company was formed on July 1, 1942 at Camp Toccoa, GA. The men of Easy Company are my heroes because of the bravery they had during World War II. Easy Company did a lot of jobs in World War II that makes me an American patriot. One reason why they are my heroes is because of what they did to stop the Nazis from advancing further into Europe. Their first job was to take out the Howitzers that were targeting the Utah beach. For the next few days they continuously fought until they were called back to England. If Easy Company didn’t do this job; then D-Day would not have succeeded. They also help destroy Hitler’s colossal iron curtain. The iron curtain was an inpenetrateable wall of men and steel that no country could penetrate until the United States joined World War 2.…show more content…
There, they were able to rest, get warm food, and not worry about getting attacked for the first time since December 17, 1944. While they were there, General Eisenhower awarded the 101st Airborne Division the Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation. This was a great honor because this was the first time it was awarded to a whole division. The last reason why the men of E. Company are my heroes is because where ever they were needed they were there to help. On January 18th to February 23rd they were put on the front lines in Hagenau to fight the Germans back and won. Then they were move to Germany in April 1945 where they stayed there until V-E day in May. During this time they captured Hitler’s Eagles Nest outside of Berchtesgarden. This was the last war time achievement of Easy Company. Easy Company entered the war on June 6, 1944. It started with 140 men and ended with 92 men. More than 100 of the men who served had been wounded, some more that once. Their battle cry was “Currahee” which means “Stands Alone” but not more that one man stood alone. Even though that was their battle cry, they fought and served as

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