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John Crane John Crane is the leader and world’s largest designer, manufacturer and supplier of engineered sealing systems, solutions, and associated products. John Crane is a world leading provider of mechanical seals, operating in 50 countries of the world. JC has 20 manufacturing sites and more than 7000 employees. . The headquarters is in Morton Grove, IL, USA. JC provides the most complete selection of · Engineered mechanical seals, · Mechanical packings, · Sealing support systems, and · Power transmission couplings The history of JC goes back to 1917 when Crane Packing Company was founded in Chicago, IL. They established several facilities in the USA, Canada and England. Before World War II, the company sold its England–based operations to a company named TI Group PCL. In 1951, the company moved from Chicago to its current site in Morton Grove, IL. In 1987, Crane Packing Company was purchased by TI Group PCL. In spite of a series of acquisitions and divestitures, the companies in the USA and in the UK were once again united under the name of John Crane. Since 1987, JC provided superior service to customers and was the technological leader in the sealing industry. In 1998, JC acquired three other sealing companies, Sealol, Safematic and Flexibox. Thanks to these companies JC expanded its product lines and global presence. In 2001, as a result of the merger of Smiths Industries and TI Group JC become a subsidiary of Smiths Group PCL. The main customers of John Crane : USA – Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, Flowserve; China - China Petroleum; Russia – Gazprom; Arab Emirates – Qatargas; Saudi Arabia - Saudi Aramco; Japanesse – Mitsubishi; Europe – Sulzer, Clyde Union, KSB, Simens; Main Products of John Crane Mechanical seals Mechanical seals are used for tightening rotation shaft against stationary body such as a

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