Cbmt 575 Week 3 Research Paper

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Week 3 Individual Assignment SR-rm-004 Project University of Phoenix Online CMGT/ 575 CIS Project Management Riordan Manufacturer is an organization that manufactures global plastics from several locations throughout the United States and one location in China. The locations within the United States are in Albany, Georgia; Pontiac, Michigan; and San Jose, California. The China location is in Hangzhou. Riordan Manufacturer was created and established by Dr. Riordan in1991. Riordan Manufacturing is in the process of updating its Human Resource department and would like to integrate their existing variety of tools in use today into a single integrated application to be used by all locations. The Human Resource department as of this date…show more content…
The team will tackle this problem by adding more bandwidth to the network and changing all wires from coaxial cable with twisted pair to RJ45 plenum twisted pair cable which has less interference and stronger signals across the wires. Riordan manufacturer has a problem communication between its HR headquarters and its overseas office therefore fiber optic cable will be added as a connection to the wireless antenna for better connection and less interference from Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). The third project risk of the problem is timing, because the old network has to be completely shut down for about two hours in order to make connection from the old system to the new system and errors are not acceptable because it will delay the project’s completion date. This problem will be resolved by setting up a down time during a professional development workshop and training that will be mandatory for all employees. This downtime will allow the project team to finalize its implementation and start the final stage completion. Finally, the objective of Riordan Manufacturing is to update and integrate the organization and have it completed within 6 months so that it can be used in the second quarter of the next year. Staying on task and adding extra time within the project scope
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