Navistar Case Study

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Date: February 13, 2011 Re: Information concerning Navistar International Corporation This memo will discuss address, history, current shares’ price, market cap, short interest, short interest ratio, shares you can buy for $1000, and competitors. Where is Navistar International (NAV) address and web page? Navistar is located at 4201 Winfield Rd Warrenville, IL, 60555-4025 United States. You can find the web page is located at History: Navistar is one of the largest companies which produce commercial trucks and diesel engines in North America. This company also has a business building military vehicles, school and commercial busses. Founded in 1902 as International Harvester Company, the name changed to Navistar in 1986.…show more content…
| Market Cap | $3.21 Billion | Stock’s 52- week High and Low | $71.49 / $30.01 | Short Interest | 2,273,739 1/31/2012 | Short Interest Ratio | 1.95 trailing 12 months | Shares you can buy for $1000 | 21 | Who are Navistar International Competitors? Navistar has a number of major competitors in the United States. One of its competitors is OEMs in the production of medium – and heavy duty trucks and buses. Other competitors include Daimler AG (DAI), AB Volvo (VOLVY) and Paccar Inc. (PCAR). How is Navistar International different from its competitors? Navistar is different from its competitors because it faces strict noise and safety regulations on its production. Also this company has a huge millionaire contract with the government of United States, something that none of its competitors have. The following graph shows you the movements of earnings per share during the last year. Navistar International Corporation (NAV) Stock Chart $45.79 0.75 1.61% 833,668 Shares Traded | Date | Close/Last | Volume | 20 Day Moving Avg | Earnings Up | Earnings Down
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