Walgreens Swot Analysis

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Organizational Structure Donna Matthews MGT 230 August 13, 2012 Gwen Campbell Organizational Structure Walgreens was founded in 1901 by Charles R. Walgreen Sr. in Chicago, Illinois. Over 100 years later, Walgreens operates over 7,000 drugstores that operate in all 50 states, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. They employ over 240,000 people and also lead the industry in employing people with special needs. Their core, fundamental strength includes the most convenient store network in America along with their trusted and iconic brand. I will share their vision in the statement below. Our vision is to become “My Walgreens” for everyone in America by transforming the traditional drugstore into a health and daily living destination…show more content…
A horizontal structure generally does not involve any middle management. An example of a business that has a different organizational structure than Walgreens would be your local pharmacy. These are generally opened by independent pharmacists and are generally smaller in scale. There is no middle management. It is owned and operated by the pharmacist and they are in charge of every aspect. They hire the employees, work with the different vendors that bring product into their store, they have a hand in the marketing of their business, and sometimes even handle the payroll. Some owners do hire an outside firm to handle their payroll needs, but there is a few that does it themselves. Being there is no other management than the owner; this would make it a horizontal structure…show more content…
Departmentalization is also a big part of what makes Walgreens a vertical structure organization. By dividing the organization into smaller subunits it makes the company easier to coordinate and run. Recently corporate has decided to restructure the company by eliminating the executive assistant manager position. Existing EXA’s will be known as assistant store managers (ASM), the assistant manager position will be eliminated as well as the STL position. Those positions will be known as store lead. This restructuring of the management positions is to allow for the store manager to be on the sales floor interacting with both the employees and the customers more. The ASM will be handling the office paperwork that the manager once did. This will help them to be ready to move up to store manager by having the experience with every aspect of the job. With the burden of the paperwork off of the managers, they can more easily engage in conversation with the customers of their stores and hear firsthand the positive and negative things they have to say. This change does not do anything with the vertical structure of the organization. This is just a change to help improve relations with both the customers and employees of each

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