Jefferson vs. Machiavelli

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Rigobero Chavarin English 10 11/08/12 What are the principles rulers of the people should follow? Thomas Jefferson defines his interpretation of the rights and freedom of the people within the Declaration of Independence; however, even if a government under those elements and Jefferson’s conception were developed, history would repeat itself, thus making the people live under the principles of Machiavelli. As Machiavelli said, there’s a difference between the way we ought to live and the way we do live. Niccolo Machiavelli would find Jefferson’s concept of ideal government absolutely useless and antagonistic towards his aspect of government, which he defines as reality. Machiavelli would find Jefferson’s skepticism of immoral justification and Tyranny within the British government as antithetical towards his belief in successful power. He believes Jefferson’s opposition defies the principles of control, which is required to lead a successful power in his opinion. Here it is quoted, “The histoty of the present king of Great Britian is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations”(532) ;Thomas Jefferson states the government under the British crown is made up of flaws within the system and repeated abusement towards the people; he believes King George has stripped freedom and justice from the people, making him more than a mischievous king, but an absolute tyrant. In addition to his abusement in power, he has not only taken freedom from the people, but also their peace at mind; a ruler of this kind who breaks the laws of his own government and refuses to take any concern in protecting the physical and psychological security of his own people is unfit to be a ruler, according to Jefferson. Machiavelli believes security and freedom are unnecessary when ruling; if you give the people too much freedom, they will take advantage of it and they will possess the

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