James Madison: The Real Father Of US Government

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Founders James Madison is the real father of US government in my point of view. He wrote Constitution, the main rules of the government, as a pioneer. In his idea, the structure of government had to be republic rather than democratic because it was quite difficult to have a direct democracy in such a nation with so many people, and not all of them needed to be listened to by government when making decisions. What’s more, he changed the way of dividing the political powers among several parts of the entire nation, which was quite significant for the emergence of US government at present. First about republic, James Madison decided to abandon the democratic governmental form and used the republic form instead because the latter tended to…show more content…
In this system, king and queen were the law of the nation, and most of the people even the assistants of king and queen might be executed at once when they disagreed with the decision of those two leaders. Because of that, none of the people dared to show their comments or give their advice for the decision made by king and queen or the improvement of the kingdom, whether the comments and advice were beneficial to the development of the kingdom or not, and that’s why most of the kingdom in the past were unable to last for a long time. Later on, some people decided to change the political system mainly by getting rid of the rule that everyone has to obey king and queen, and the decisions needed to be voted for by almost all the people in the kingdom, which is called direct democracy. It’s such a great idea at that time to deal with the nation or kingdom, but why did James Madison chose the republic, as well as called representative democracy, instead of direct democracy without hesitation? Well, let’s back to the republic’s conception again. Republic as well as representative democracy means that some people elected to be the leaders among big masses of people will administer the whole nation, while direct democracy means that all the people take part in significant meetings and vote for some decisions taking place. Since the United States is such a big nation that it contains a huge…show more content…
The separation of powers is quite pivotal for the US government otherwise there tends to be some corruption relevant to the extreme utilization of powers. Those two points of view are states by James Madison while planning to set up the Constitution of the national government, and those opinions are all crucial to the development of

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