Structure And Functions Of The Electoral College

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The Electoral College is not a place, it is a process in choosing the President of the United States of American. “The Electoral College is the body which actually choose the President of the United States in December of the election year.” ( This essay will talk about the structure and functions of the Electoral College, the differences between popular voting and electoral voting and why this process is still use today. The founding fathers decided on the Electoral College during the Constitutional Convention in 1787. The Constitution went into effect in 1789 but we had already been a country since 1781. Before the Constitution we were ruled by Articles of Confederation and when the Constitution came into effect it replaced the Articles. The Electoral College was just part of the Constitution. The United States did not have a president under the Articles, because we did not want a king type leader at all because of how the King of England had treated us. The constitution introduced the idea of having a president and a method for electing president, the Electoral College. The Electoral College is the body of people which actually chooses the…show more content…
Many people believe that the Electoral College is outdated and we should not use it anymore. One will argument that the Electoral College can make sure people are making the right choice in choosing our president. Another reason why we are still using this voting system is because in order to get rid of it, it would require a constitutional amendment, which is extremely hard to pass. In order to pass/ratify an amendment, three fourths of the states have to agree upon changing the Constitution. This is very unlikely to happen because the Electoral College benefits the smaller states. With that in mind, the smaller states would never agree to change the Electoral College because it benefits them too
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