Jefferson vs Hamilton

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The creation of the political parties first emerged during the 1790s. Two of the founding fathers had different views on how the country should be governed. Alexander Hamilton was the leader of the Federalists, while Thomas Jefferson was the leader of the Anti-Federalist also known as the Republicans. Both of their political differences had a great impact on helping develop important aspects of the country. Alexander Hamilton was one of the founding fathers that contributed a lot to the creation of the country. He shared common political views with the other Federalists in the political party. Hamilton was a believer in a strong centralized government. In order for the country to prosper he wanted the economy to be based on trade and manufacture. In order for America to become an industrial power he wanted the strong central government to run the business and industries. During that time some people wished to only pay part of the national debt but Hamilton did not. He believed that the debt should be paid completely. To be able to pay the national debt he believed it was important to establish a national bank to establish good national credit (Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson). When he proposed the creation of the national debt the anti-federalist protested against this idea because in the Constitution it never stated anything about a bank. Hamilton believed that the Constitution should be interpreted loosely and do anything that was necessary and proper. Lastly he believed that the government should be run by the educated and wealthy not the common people. Thomas Jefferson is known as the author of the Declaration of Independence and leader of the Anti-Federalists. His political views were opposite of Hamilton’s. He believed that the central government should be weak and the states should have the strong government with the reserved powers. If the
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