Jacksonian Democracy and Jeffersonian Democracy

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Jacksonian Democracy and Jeffersonian Democracy are both different forms of government between the 1800s and the 1840s that were based on the ideas of U.S. presidents Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson. But there ideas on leading the country were quite alike. Each man that defended the Jeffersonian democracy expressed views in their speeches and debates reflect those who defended the Jacksonian democracy. Also, each democracy had a different philosophy on controlling the country then the other. But the basics of their philosophies were the same. The Jacksonian Democracy during 1820s to the 1840s was the way America was ran by President Thomas Jefferson. Being a former common man, Jefferson gave more power to those in his former position and limited the power of the aristocracies which created a balance. Jackson believed in the power of the president and the constitution that gives him the presidential power. This power caused principles in Jacksonian Democracy including Manifest Destiny. The idea of Manifest Destiny basically is the belief that America has the power to expand its borders to the western land and all of America from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. This is destiny that was given to America from God supposedly and Jacksonian Democracy completely defends it. Also, Jackson believed in a limited federal government even though he wasn’t satisfied on the idea of a strong state government. Jacksonian’s agree with a “hands-on” approach to the economy meaning that the government to strong control over the countries economy. This gives the common man more privileges and more control. The Jeffersonian Democracy during the 1800s to the 1820s is the democracy based on the different views and ideas of President Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson believed that the church should not be able to interfere with the government and laws and that the religion should
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