Two Major Political Parties

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Saad Emin POLI 2010 Exam 3 Final Exam 1. The reason why the United States only have two major political parties? This is because back in1950 a French man name Maurice Duverger a sociologist observed that stable two party systems often develop spontaneously in places that use single member district pluralities. Another reason is because winner takes all system in the U.S. favored by two stable parties. What have to change for us to have a competitive third party would be? Instead of citizen voting for democrats or republican he or she should vote for other parties that are listed in the pole. Time will only tell what can become of the Tea Party and their movement. The Tea Party has truly exposed a weakness…show more content…
The bathroom of both liberals and conservatives were studied. Conservatives bathrooms were much neater and plain. The liberals had more stylish bathrooms and had different types of things about traveling around the world. I believe the findings were similar to my own life style. I am a liberal and our house is full of stylish things from all around the worlds. My neighbor who is a conservative her house is plain and clean. She has just a few things which represent a very proud American. 4. The merits and draw backs of the Electoral College voting method are: A big reason third party candidates do not work well in America is that they are usually not really competitive for winning electros. The main weakness of one candidate winning the popular vote, and the other the electoral vote is the effect such a result can have on the presidency. Every ambitious man and woman has a powerful incentive to find a home in one of the two major parties. The merit and draw backs are that winner takes all even though the other party may have had good ideas. The voters who voted for the guy who lost has then revote…show more content…
The founding father would have disapproved of this pace, because lot of things that are happening today in this country is not constitutional. Some politicians that are running the government run it to please his/her self instead of the rest of the citizen. Most people are in need of what they want to make it in this country and are not getting any help or attention. For example, there are lot of people who are in need health care, welfare, jobs, and more. Some of the fears the founders expressed in the federalist Papers as well as the constitutional structure they designed in Philadelphia, as evidence as they would have the want the government to move slowly or quickly. The founders feared that the interest groups would dominate political representation, and how the constitution is geared toward avoiding it. In federalist paper 51 we have the essential argument for the strength of a federal government. After reading these papers I have came to the conclusion that the I agree that the constitution is not fit for this age and modern time. The political world at this age is will come to a corruption. The founding father wanted everyone to live the way they wanted to live as long as he or she followed the law. They did not care if you believe in a religion or not as long as you did not create corruption in the land. We are in different era of time, so it would be bad to move too quickly away from the

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