Jaguars in Central America

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JAGUAR POPULATION IN BELIZE For many years our mountains have been inhabited by various animals which had taken care of our beautiful environment. When crops failed to give the expected amount there always was a reason why…population explosion of herbivores. Nature has a natural way of controlling such pests. Unfortunately, human actions have been the cause of many of these unexpected actions of rodents. Jaguars are animals that rely on smaller animals for food and depend on the forest for their survival as in terms of habitat and survival of their prey. They also inhabit the higher mountains and do not disturb anything other than wild animals. Jaguars devour animals both small and large like the small rodents like rats, turtles, monkeys; deer’s and even the tapir. They are naturally made to live and control these types of animals that invade human livelihood. Nowadays these cute creatures have been unexpectedly declining in population because of the many challenges in which they have to adapt. Many of these challenges like having to live close to human communities and devouring cattle and sheep, running away from poachers and hunters, starving from food shortage ad even having difficulty to find a mate is caused by humans and their actions. Many of these challenges are brought by specifically by urbanization and human growing population. Urbanization requires many homes to be built, farms to be enlarged for agriculture to feed the human population. Therefore, deforestation sabotages habitat loss, insufficient food for the jaguars and other carnivores. These are the causes of which poachers try to “control” jaguar population by killing them. But they do not only kill them but find great business in selling their skin and tooth which caused the illegal trade as a habit. For this reason, the jaguars have been of great importance to the environment lovers

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