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Snow Leopards The snow leopard is its originally name but scientifically it goes by Uncia Uncia. Most snow leopards are found in Tundra habitat and they diet on heavily footed animals. Unfortunately Snow Leopards are endangered species and there is only 4500-7500 left. There are several interesting facts about snow leopards. The tail on every snow leopard is more than a yard long, and they do not roar like another other big cat. The usually age for a snow leopard is no older than 15 years old and they can leap horizontally about 45 feet in distance. Habitat Destruction Snow leopards live in the high rugged mountains of Central Asia while their habitat covers 2 million Km2 which is the approximate size of Greenland or Mexico. Their habitat extends through 12 different countries, Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. China happens to contain a total of 60% of the habitats compared to those areas. Snow Leopards prefer broken terrain of cliffs, rocky outcrops and ravines. These types of habitats provide good cover and a clear view to find prey. Invasive Species It’s not competing with any other invasive species at this point in time because these animals can eat animals up to two times their own size. However the Snow Leopard does compete with hunters who illegally hunt them for the selling’s of their organs. Over Population The Snow Leopard is expected to soon become extinct, and yes there are other species such as some of their small prey seeming to be overpopulating the area. The bunnies are said to be mass producing over in their habitat but only because of how quick bunnies and hare are at reproduction. On the other hand the larger prey are said to never be a problem of over population at this point because the snow leopard feed off them daily and because they don’t have a high

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