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1.1 Background. Macaca fascicularis Raffles, also known as long-tailed macaque or crab-eating macaque is a widespread primate in the South East Asian demography, and are ecologically diverse (Fooden, 2005; Wheatley, 1999). Their conservation status is of least concern (ICUN 3.1). They are widely available in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak throughout the wild and urban area. Long-tailed macaques are considered as pest animal in the region. As a result of increased human population and deforestation to give way for human development, long-tailed macaques can be found scattered in groups at various places in human population such as in towns, temples, tourist lodges and roadsides, thus sharing the same habitat and food with humans. High level of interactions between human and long-tailed macaques in the same habituation leads to the conflict between the two primates, resulting in various ecological and safety problems among humans. Due to invasions of human in the previously was M. fascicularis habitat, agricultural…show more content…
The purpose might be differ from species, as for cattle and sheep the castration is conducted to manage the unwanted mating while for hogs the meat quality is the main concern. Other than livestock, overpopulated wild animals of a particular species are also subjected to castration. Animals of certain species such as monkey and canine breeds easily, which contributes to environmental and societal issues. Uneven animal population contributes to the societal disruptions of balanced ecosystem environment such as mass migration of inferior species and food deprivation in the habitat. Besides, some species may be the hosts for endemic diseases might be fatal to another weaker species, leading to their

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