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INCREDIBLE JAGUARS If you are ever in the rainforest of South America, you might not see a jaguar, but they are there. Jaguars are usually up in the trees, lying on a branch, sleeping or waiting for their food to walk by. They almost never attack people, but some have before. They are like the king of the South American rainforest. The main enemy of the jaguar is humans. They hunt the jaguar for its coat. This is illegal. Humans are also destroying the rain forest. Every minute, 150 acres of rain forest is being destroyed by farmers, miners and paper companies. Jaguars are moving towards becoming endangered. The jaguar is at the top of the food chain, they eat everything and nothing eats them. They eat monkeys, sloths, and birds in the trees. On the ground they catch deer, pigs, cattle, peccaries and capybaras. Peccaries are like pigs and capybaras are like big guinea-pigs. The jaguar likes to swim and spends a lot of time in the water. In the water it catches fish, frogs, turtles and small gators. One of the fish it likes to catch is the tambaqui, which is a piranha that eats fruit. The jaguar dangles its paw on the water and the tambaqui comes up to see if it is fruit, but the jaguar snags it with its hooked claws. The jaguar also has very sharp teeth. Some more interesting facts about the jaguar are that it is the 3rd largest cat. Jaguars can run very fast. It can cover short distances very quickly. The jaguar is the only big cat that does not roar. It grunts and snarls. They love to play with their kids. They have 2 to 4 babies and they are blind when they are born. An adult male can weigh up to 250 pounds. An adult female can weigh up to 150 pounds. Their tail is about 6 feet long and this helps them balance. An exciting true story, taken from Wizard Of The Upper Amazon, The Story Of Manuel Cordova Rios, is told by a

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