Spider Monkey Essay

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Spider Monkeys are an omnivore mammal that lives an average lifespan of 22 years. They have an an average weight of 15-19 pounds, an average height of 16-24 inches, and an average length of 16-24 inches by 24-32 inches. They have lanky arms and a tail that serves as another hand, which helps its daily life of getting from branch to branch. Spider Monkeys almost never spend time on the ground because their arms drag, making it vulnerable and easily hunted by predators. Spider Monkeys can be very dependent creatures as they depend on their mothers for about 10 weeks after their birth. They travel in groups of two to three dozen. “According to some scientists, the spider monkey is the most intelligent of the New World monkeys.” (1) There are two main reasons that some groups of Spider Monkeys are endangered. One is that the destruction of their habitat. (They live in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America.) It is also said that “they are especially vulnerable to the effects of forest fragmentation.” (2) Another reason that some Spider Monkeys are endangered is because of the threat of hunters. People of the same habitat as Spider Monkeys often hunt them for food. A big reason why they are so attractive as food to others is because of their huge size, with them being able to reach 24 pounds in weight as a mature male. Although the Spider Monkeys are suffering every day because of their loss of habitat and the threat of their hunters. all hope is not lost for the species. There are ways to help the endangered mammals. For one, people can work to protect their habitats and the places they need to live at in order to survive. People can also create and manage protected areas for the Spider Monkeys to live in peace without the threat of their home being destroyed, or the threat of being

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