Is Changing the Way You Look or Act in Order to Fit in with a Certain Social Group Ever a Good Idea

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Is changing the way you look or act in order to fit in with a certain social group ever a good idea? What might be some benefits and/or drawbacks to doing so?” Some have said that changing your personality, look or act to fit certain group is a bad idea; however, I say we all have different personality or habits and it’s very hard to change other people change other people so I would say people should change or adjust their personality to fit certain group because the person can be socialized and nothing wrong to change and be a better person. Human is a very complicated creature, and because we all have different personality, it makes us more complicated to understand or fit each other’s. Every person with have certain way to conduct others and because of that, a person must be socialized and do not isolated himself with the rest of world else he/she will modernize as everyone else. Many times I see people in school or work that some people cannot hangout with others is either they are stubborn or the group do not want to let the guy in their group because he is so persistent. So in this case the guy must be open minded and change the way he thing so he will be able to fit with other groups and be a normal social person. There is nothing wrong to change your personality to be a better person. Some says when you change your personality you becoming a different person, but that is not true because sometimes change is always good. Of course there are different type of changes, but change your look, act and personality according your age is great so the person can have respect among the people around him/her. Many times a person believe in one thing and want to keep that idea for rest of their life because they think it is right but there is a quote says “Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly” so this way when we look or review our look, act

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