Gatsby vs Bluest Eye

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Stephanie Tsandelis Ms. Wessely December 19th, 2012 ENG 3UI The Great Gatsby vs The Bluest Eye Dreams and Illusions Have you ever caught yourself comparing yourself to others and thinking, “What If”? Thinking about the different clichés and social standings and wishing you were a part of a more popular group? Having any sort of dream or goal in your life that you know is probably never going to happen or is close to impossible but continue to have hope in reaching it? It is crazy to think of what our society is becoming nowadays. It is much easier to think of something that would benefit ourselves then to think of the more important things that we should be worrying about. The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, shows the struggles the characters face when they believe being higher class is better than everyone else, when we are really no different from one other in those terms. Toni Morrison’s, The Bluest Eye, demonstrates what basically so many teenagers struggle with, their overall physical appearance in terms of bringing themselves down when comparing themselves to others, thinking they are not good enough. Both authors had a similar idea while writing their novels that helped these two books connect with a general theme that fits each of them. Everyone is starting to care more about how people see them, what social standing they are in and focusing too much attention on unrealistic dreams/goals that they are forgetting about how they see themselves, social standings do not mean anything and that there is more important things to focus on. This is demonstrated by the characters behaviours in The Great Gatsby and The Bluest Eye. Even though everyone was made to be their own unique person, different from everyone else, it can be hard sometimes when you are surrounded by peers and think you are not good enough. Pecola from The Bluest Eye is a prime
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