Interpersonal Communication in Relationships

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Final Paper: Letter of Advice Lawrence Hawkins COM 200 – Interpersonal Communication Inst. Angela Gillette April 23, 2012 Dear, David and Cierra; My advice to you for a healthy and successful relationship is rather lengthy and takes time to perfect, or even get good at. As you know, interpersonal communication, when used correctly, can decrease minor and major conflicts, and increase the happiness and satisfaction in relationships. As well, since we are born communicating, it is only right that we are able to do so without constraint. This letter is to explain, what I believe are, ways to effectively use interpersonal communication in your relationship. Principles and Misconceptions in Effective Interpersonal Communication Communication is natural and it is something that we do continuously throughout our lives; however, miscommunications occur daily and threaten the existence of current and future relationships. Interpersonal communication isn’t just something that we use in our personal lives. We must be able to communicate effectively with people in our professional lives as well. “Communication is complex; it requires a number of skills and both ongoing learning and practice to improve our skills” (Sole, 2011). When studied, we find out that communication is not just verbal expression. Communication can be expressed with our eyes, facial expressions, hand gestures, body positions, and movement. The use of symbols—words, pictures, sounds, marks, or objects—have been widely accepted to represent things that we encounter daily. However, the meanings of symbols may not be shared by all walks of life. Consider the word desk, for example. When a businessperson hears the word desk, they may imagine an eight-by-four foot cherry oak executive desk, equipped with a comfortable chair and the general office equipment. On the contrary, when a child hears the word

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