Textual Artifact Analysis

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Textual Artifact Analysis: My Dear Friend A textual artifact is something created through text, written symbols of language understood by common persons. It can be anything from a poem to a loved one, to a little sticky note left as a reminder; or it can even be a visual text, like a drawing or video. It pretty much can be anything as long as it expresses a thought, idea, or a message. My textual artifact is composed up in a poem/letter or a poetic letter form, you can say, and expresses a message that I feel is important. Its audience can be any one person, but I intended it to have a specific audience. The intended kairos (urgency, interest) is for the present and future, but it seems like this would have mattered in the past as well. It affects not only people around me but it can help people everywhere. I composed some narration into my artifact as well. The text I created here is a message to “my dear friend”. A great friend he/she is and it is why I left him/her a message within my poetic letter. The message here, which I hoped could be understood, is that life is great and so are its experiences. To waste it on something you have your whole life for is not dumb or idiotic but not worth the trouble as compared to when it is that last thing you have left to do amongst your wonderful experiences. To wait for something so great like starting a family is well worth the wait after you’ve been successful and done all that you’ve wanted to do and more. Everyone only has one life, some are lucky to get second chances, but it is only those that live life to the fullest are the ones who have really experienced. A text composed of a hidden message, which is a quite obvious one, is a great way to attract an audience into this appeal of emotions towards the experience of doing great things with one’s life. My text applies to audiences everywhere. It would be too
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