Internet or Public Transportation

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Government should spend more money on improving access to the internet than on public transportation. In recent years, with the advent of worldwide web, internet has played a paramount role in every individual’s life. In this regard, a long-standing debate has been raised among politics and policy makers on whether they should spend more money on internet facilities or something else like public transportation. Some people are the adherents of the fact that government should allocate more money on the internet and its equipment. On the contrary, others hold quite the opposite idea and believe that public transportation is more important. Bearing in mind the pros and cons of each option, I am firmly inclined to the opinion of the first group. Through subsequent paragraphs, I cogently set my perspective forth. The first reason coming to one’s mind regarding this issue is that, having an easy and convenient access to the internet makes people independent from going different places in the city. Consequently, less people would be walking through the city in attempt to do their works. To shed light on this matter, suppose 100000 people in comparison to 10000 individuals in the city. When there are less people through the city, there would be less cars, taxis, buses and etc for driving them to their destinations and this contributes to 2 of the major problems in mega cities: air pollution and traffic jam. The second noteworthy reason contributing my attitude toward this issue is that, by means of the internet people can do an extensive variety of works in a surprisingly little time. Bank transactions can be a good example of such works. Instead of going to the bank, waiting for a long time in long queues and spend a lot of time on a subtle banking work, people can conduct all of their transactions at their homes

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