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English 1101 Final Exit Essay Spring 2007 927163259 Owen brings many obvious and very much true facts to the idea of New York being the greenest city in the United States. He compares New York to Phoenix and Los Angeles County proving that suburbs are not the environmental places we thought they we’re. He goes on to state the fact that New York architecture doesn’t consume unnecessary space unlike areas in Phoenix and Washington. Also they don’t use as much energy as you find in places like Phoenix or Los Angeles. His third point was that New Yorkers depend greatly on their transit system, walking, or getting in a taxi; instead of using the number one killer of humans known as cars. You won’t ever see…show more content…
When living in a city such as New York traffic moves about as fast as a person walking briskly to their destination; therefore you don’t find too many people who own cars in the city. On the other hand you have places like Phoenix who’s transit system does not run as beneficial because they don’t have enough density in the city for it to do so. Jeffrey Zupan states the fact that in order for a city to get a transit system there has to be an obvious need for it, and unfortunately Phoenix is not one of those places. With a transit system as detailed and well planned out as New York’s not too many people are eager to jump into their cars to drive anywhere. There for cutting down on the consumption of fuel and less traffic jams. If you cut down on how much fuel is being used and how many highways are being built just to accommodate these vehicles you’re making a bigger disaster than most people think to the environment. Owen makes these ideas clear that less space and more transit means less energy and fuel. He realizes that even though many find the idea of New York actually being a green city ridiculous that in many cases it is very true. The living space is scarce but less energy is being consumed and wasted, and the transit not only lowers traffic but places less fuel in the atmosphere than what is really
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