Internal Conflict In The Glass Roses

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“The Glass Roses” by Alden Nowlan At some point in time every individual will have to deal with several conflicts simultaneously, but one of the hardest types of conflict to deal with is internal conflict. Making a life altering decision is very difficult and a situation that most try to avoid. Stephen is faced with many different conflicts throughout the story and he needs to make numerous decisions that could change his life and the way his coworkers see him or treat him. Even though Stephen has to deal with the conflict between him and his father, which he usually loses, the hardest “battle” that he needs to win is the one he is fighting with himself. He needs to decide if he should follow his dad’s orders and become exactly like him in…show more content…
Once he learns that he can change his past and more importantly the traumatic experiences that he goes through just by reading his journal, he is left with numerous dilemmas. His internal conflict primarily arises once he realizes that every time he wishes to change something about his past that his life in the future will either affect him and his surroundings in a positive way or his life will be even worse than the way it was to begin with. Once he realizes that life was much better the way he lived the first time and that he made the wrong decision when he chose to return to the past to change multiple traumatic experiences, he has one last dilemma to deal with. His last internal conflict is whether he should accept the new life that he had created for himself, or if he should go back in time and make sure he was never born so that life for his friends and family will return to normal and they will live happier. Evan makes the choice of ending his life in order to allow for the people he cares about to live happily. “The Butterfly Effect” has a plot based around numerous internal conflicts within a singular person and with the help and support of a psychic; she helps him see that he needed to end his…show more content…
If one makes the wrong choice while struggling with an internal conflict and chooses not to get a second opinion on their situation, they can ruin their lives and the lives of others depending on how drastic their predicament is. Also, if one is not in the right mind set before making a decision, they will most likely continue to make the wrong choice when faced with a dilemma which in turn will affect their chances of living a full, happy, and successful life in years to come. Citizens all around the globe need to realize that it is alright to talk about your problems with people who are willing to listen and who generally care about you. It is okay to go against the social norm, act emotionally, and show a little bit of weakness. If we keep everything to ourselves, we will be miserable in our lives and will merely need to pretend that we enjoy life, when in reality we are suffering. Internal conflict is the source of many problems in the world and with the support of others, people will live a more joyous

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