Perspectives of the Value of One's Life

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The value of life is in the eye of the beholder; however, many believe that everyone should have a positive outlook on life whether they have a good life or a horrible one. This is unfair to those who do not want the life they have. Everyone has their right to their own opinion which is a great deal of controversy on this subject. Many people have screwed up lives and no longer want to value their lives. These people have the right to accept this and other people believe that they can change their perspective of life. There could be a reason someone believes that there life should be different and some just no longer want their life to go on like in Hamlets Soliloquy. Hamlet did not know whether his life was worth living because it was so difficult and he was either going to fight for what he loved or he could have just gave up and let his uncle win. These are always thoughts that go through even the happiest people’s thoughts. Even though someone might be happy or look happy doesn’t mean that they have never thought that life might not be worth living. Lance Armstrong’s story had much to do with this concept of life or death. Even though he had cancer he had the fight in him and the confidence that he would pull through the cancer and survive because he wanted to live and his aspect of life was very positive to him and he did pull through like he knew he would. That doesn’t mean he didn’t ever want to give up but in the end he always had the strength to survive and go on with his life in a positive manner. Many people see life as a thing that can be fixed which is not always the thought. Every big problem is not the end of the world even though it may seem like it. Problems in someone’s life might be caused by the death of a loved one. They believe that this dilemma could possibly be solved with money or the spending of money which is not the case at

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