Modernism, The Illuminant Of Life

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Everyday, Americans pick up a novel to read, some, knowing little about the significance of the piece of literature that they are about to embark on. Literature has been defined as “the most accessible illumination of life”, and I consider it to be the most successful mechanism in expressing actions, thoughts, feelings, and passion. However, these items can be depicted from several different views that change from era to era. Throughout this past year, we have studied three major literary movements among many; the three specifically being Romanticism, Realism (also known as Naturalism), and Modernism. Of these three movements, I feel that Modernism is best at “illuminating life”. Though each literary movement offers its own unique style, I believe that Modernism is best at “illuminating life” because it advocates the idea of progressing in life, experimentation, and getting inside and understanding what is going on in one’s mind. Modernism was first introduced in the early 1890’s; its main strand of thinking claimed that peopled needed to push aside their previous norms entirely and look forward into their future. The goal of modernism was not simply to revise one’s previous knowledge in light of new and current developments in society. Early thinkers of this movement wanted to separate themselves from tradition by reexamining every aspect of their lives, but they were rejected by the majority of society who were afraid of change. By reevaluating their lives, it caused them to realize what was holding them back from the progress that they desired. They then replaced it with the new that was both progressive and better at reaching the desired end. This illuminates life because it motivates the individual to try and make their life better. Life is all about improvements, not about being at a stand still of moderate satisfaction. Modernism allows the
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