Injustice Can Divide and Unite the People Who Encounter It.

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Injustice can divide and unite the people who encounter it. It is incredibly difficult to determine what is just. This is because there is a duality that exists with the notion of justice, or something being just. What one party may consider to be just, may be considered to be unjust by a contrasting group. However, it is almost certain the world issues originate from something that is considered to be unjust. This injustice can rift and unite the people who encounter it. Unfairness is derived from people who share similar opinions on an issue based on past experiences. In addition to this, people require power to seek justice and therefore, others with the same objectives join together to challenge the unjust. Also, in a world of inequality, people who share common views unite to seek justice and a sense of security, as well as belonging. Additionally, injustice can cause people to turn on each other, most of which is derived from fear. People require authority in order to seek justice, and therefore comparable groups unite. In such a big world, it is extremely hard to be heard as an individuals, unless you have power, such as politicians, celebrities and the like. In order to overcome such a hurdle, it is easier for people to unite, such as protestors against gay marriage. The more voices that are put together, the easier it is to be heard and therefore, the easier it becomes to gain power. Many events in history have proven this philosophy, such as the members of the Taliban. Although in society the Taliban are viewed as a group of terrorist who continuously initiate unjust acts of violence, from the Taliban’s point of view, they simply believe that it is unjust to believe in any other religion other than the Koran. In order to seek justice against this “unjust” act, the Taliban gain power in the most cruel, yet effective way; by creating fear in society.

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