Prompt -Our Beliefs and Values Can Change Because of Conflict.

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A well know verse from the bible stated 'God will never give you more than you can handle.' conflict truly tests us as humans , we find ourselves constantly being challenged by what arises in our life's and we each cope with conflict in different manners from one another. Each individual deals with conflict in ways which they believe are suitable to resolve conflict. Every time we are faced with conflict we learn great lessons which we can take right through our lives. We have certain morals that we tend to stick by, however when conflict arrises what we stand can be alternated as great deals of conflict can change a personals way of viewing the world. However conflict can also make us stick by our morals to a greater extent as we may use these particular morals to conquer conflict. in the world today, we often see society challenging each other for what we choose to be in life , particularly people being challenged for being homo-sexual and these times of conflict made them relise who they truly are and fight back for justice as gay marriage is now legal in some parts of Australia. Like in Bruce Beresfords feature film Paradise Road highlights the potential of conflict to catalyse the revaluation of an individuals moral compass, the way in which one lives and the values that are important to their existence to be realised. Therefore conflict can in fact enhance the strengths of our morals and beliefs. What a person stands for is vital but in many cases our beliefs are shut down by others who feel how we view things is incorrect.For example the documentory 'Saving Face' the women stood up for what they thought was best for them such as rejecting marriage or sex yet still were brutally punished for standing up for what they thought was right and are scared for life for doing so. Like in paradise road the women all face their morals and values being

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